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8hCulinary Team Building

tgyuCelebrating company milestones is exciting, increasing internal ROI and productivity even more so! Food brings people together in new and exciting ways, and cooking with others creates memories. When considering what to do during your next event, consider culinary team building. It is a great way to celebrate a team, boost morale, increase collaboration and reward your team members for their continuous effort and dedication.

Here are some suggestions that can be done with both small and larger groups:

Cupcake Wars

Teams design and decorate cakes to reflect their team, their company, their goals and objectives.

“Who Moved My Cheese”

Groups would complete a series of exercises challenging their ability to deal with change.87t6

Blend it like Beckham

Combine your inner mixologist with your creative side by creating differently inspired cocktails or mocktails. The winner will have their specialty drink showcased for the remainder of your event.

Something Unexpected

Everyone is blindfolded, except the first cook who begins the cooking process. This person will cook for five minutes, and then the next person cooks for five minutes based on what the first person started, and so on.

Quickfire Challenge

Assign each team an ingredient or theme, and watch what they come up with.

On The Vine would like to share our recipe with you for a successful team building event:i8hy

  • 5 Cups of fun
  • 2 Cups of guests
  • 1 Tablespoon of a beautiful venue
  • Add an unlimited amount of fun ideas to taste
  • A pinch of a whole lot of camaraderie

Other Great Ideas

Put a Twist On Some Old Favorites:

  • On the back of the name badges, print the outline of your agenda. Also include the contact information of the meeting planner or event coordinator for easy access.
  • 9ojGo Green – Print your schedules on floral seeded card stock. Participants can take this home and plant it in their garden. It will provide a nice memory of the event.
  • Kind Gesture – Draw a name from your registration list and recognize an employee with a small gift or a handwritten card of appreciation. This will create a feeling of goodwill among your attendees, who likely spread the word during and after your event.
  • Want to Increase Your Survey Participation? With the On the Vine app, schedule your surveys to go out either during the morning or afternoon sessions electronically to attendees’ smartphones. By making it easy and convenient, you are likely to get additional involvement.


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